Don’t Wait Until Your Naked To Decide

Don’t Wait Until Your Naked To Decide
I remember teaching teenagers about abstinence back in my youth pastoring days. It was a challenge to say the least. The pressure to have sex before marriage was immense. I used to tell them, “Don’t wait until your naked to make a commitment to stay pure.”
Their best defense was always to make a commitment long in advance of the heat of the moment. In fact, the pact worked best if it kept them as far away from being naked and alone with another person as possible. 
It’s kind of funny and then again, not. Why? Because you and I need to hear the same advice today. I love the way Seth Godin put it in a recent blog post,
“The best time to make a pact is right now. And the worst time to re-visit this pact is when there’s a lot of short-term pressure.”
You made commitments at the beginning of this year to do things that set you up for the long-game. You set goals to invest in the long-term health of your business, your church, your family and even your body. But now that 2017 is in full swing there is a lot of short-term pressure trying to push and pull you off the path. You may have even run headlong into it without even thinking. You returned to old ways of thinking or familiar habits. Here you are, naked and trying to decide if those changes were actually worth making.
Go look at those commitments again right now. Get yourself back to where you felt the urgency and importance of what you wanted so badly. If it was important six weeks ago, it is still important now. Don’t let the noise of the crowd and the busyness of life distract you from the most important things. Don’t let your temporary emotions override your well-thought out plans.
It’s not time to reassess. It’s time to recommit.